In memory...

This site is dedicated to the memory of Aron Natanson, my grandfather, who was born in Romania and worked as a bookseller in Paris
    and his daughter Miryam Natanson,  born in Paris.
        Both were deported  to Auschwitz on September 25th, 1942 in convoy n°37 ,  and were
         murdered there September 27th, 1942.
My Aunt Miryam Miryam Natanson
My grandfather Aron Natanson Aron Natanson, ca. 1925 
I also often remember Lucien Natanson,
shot by the Nazis in front of his parents,
Julien and Jeanne, who commited suicide thereafter.

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Aron Natanson
Miryam Natanson
Lucien, Julien and Jeanne